Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Tim Leiweke Guarantees a Winning Team - Buy Raps Tickets Now - 2013/2014

The Toronto Raptors are out to prove a lot of people wrong that they can win. Going 6-1 in the preseason is nothing to scoff at - they also have the complete support of MLSE Head Man Tim Leiweke, who feels he can build a perennial powerhouse north of the border. Asked if there is an issue bringing top talent to Toronto. He reported that he had asked around the league if there was a stigma associated with Toronto. He said that players like Kobe Bryant, Shaq O'Neill and others all found Toronto to be their favorite road destination. This seriously debunks the rumor that Players were not coming to Toronto because it was Canada. He also felt confident that putting a consistent team on the court is the most important part for attracting top talent. Players want to win, if you are a winner, they will follow. Leiweke also said that from the top down, everyone is on the same page. He is very excited about all 3 teams and basically guaranteed a winner. I was just on TTB and saw tickets for upcoming Raps games for less than 10 bucks. You really can't beat that value. Its great entertainment value. Be sure to enjoy!

Monday, November 4, 2013

Toronto Family Outing Ideas - Best value for Family Night Out in the City of Toronto

Hey Guys, Thanks for checking out my post about Toronto Rock Tickets - The NLL's perennial powerhouse has lots of tickets available on TorontoRockTickets.com. Their are tickets for all levels, both on the road or at the Air Canada Centre. The Toronto Rock is one of the best values in the city of Toronto. A family of 4 can enjoy a game for under 200 dollars. This includes parking, 4 lower bowl tickets and 4 combos. How can you go wrong. Another great value is the Toronto Marlies, this is a great opportunity to watch the Leafs of tomorrow before they are a super stars or atleast 4th liners. The Marlies have lots of Family Packs available, check out here for more details. But then there are lots of options for families in the GTA. 1. Royal Winter Fair - Lots of Great Animals and Farming entertainment to be had for all ages. A right of passage for any Canadian youth. 2. Ontario Science Centre - Educational and fun for adults as well as the kids. 3. Marlies Game 4. Raptors Tickets - For great value, you can get 300 level tickets from Toronto Ticket Brokers for less than cost. Buy your tickets the week of the game. There are always cheap tickets available. For example, Utah Jazz and Raptors Tickets at the ACC are being sold for 11 dollars.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Toronto Tickets Bon Jovi Ticket Brokers - Buy Tickets Here

John Bon is coming to the ACC. Check it out, Toronto is always on Bon Jovi's Tour list and he never dissapoints by putting on a great show. The product of New Jersey is loved in his second home north of the border. As the son of two former Marines, John understands working hard and at 51 he is not slowing down. Get your tickets for his next show quickly, most of the good seats are sold out from traditional providers. Remember to make it a great night by setting up dinner near the ACC and perhaps a hotel.