Thursday, July 31, 2008

How are Ticket Brokers different from Scalpers??

Ticket Brokers work as a business - they work on supply and demand. They do this the understand that they will follow a strict code of ethics. Ultimately it is how they go about there business that differs from the practice of scalping tickets. Using a reputable broker ensures that should the tickets you purchase be a fraud you would have little recourse if you bought them from someone on the street. Where as, a web site like stubhub will give you an avenue for getting a refund.

Ticket Brokers are supposed to act in your best interest. They should give you as many options as they can - where you can find tickets at the best prices if they don't have tickets that fit your needs. They should also provide you with information about who are the best resources and most reputable.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Upcoming shows in Toronto

Eddie Vedder is coming to Toronto - The date is sold out - so we are a great place to find seats to this awesome show at Massey Hall. Eddie doesn't come to Toronto that often so you don't want to miss the Rock Legend.

Lenny Kravitz will be visiting the ACC on September 22nd. Having been the half time show at the Grey Cup last year - Lenny is really starting to become a regular up here in the great white north. Bring Heather Graham with you this time Lenny and we might forgive the Glasses.

Henry Rollins - the craxy freak who is as strange as he is intelligent is going to be jamming at the Queen Elizabeth Centre on September 27th.

If you need find tickets to shows at smaller venues - Remember to click to our Links Page.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Free Jazz in the Beaches - Beaches Jazz Festival

Well with the end of July brings the Toronto Jazz Festival in the Beaches. A great event and walk through the Beaches will give you access to some of the best talent in the city and north america. This event has grown in size every year. Not at the level of the Montreal Jazz Festival, but definitely close in terms of talent. If you're town this weekend - head over and check out some of the action.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Great Sources to see free shows in Toronto

So not everything requires that you buy a ticket. Toronto has some great free or nearly free shows. I have compiled a short list to help you find some terrific activities that won't hurt your pocket.

The Toronto Harbourfront Centre is a great place to be in the summer. They have some great eats and cool shows that are FREE. Yes, that is correct.

HarbourFront Centre - Free Events - Whats On

If you are close to High Park - than check out the CanStage for some Shakespeare in the Park. There is a nominal donation, but its a very reasonable.

Downsview Park is full of great fun and plenty of stuff to keep your weekend having fun. Not really about shows - more about great family fun in the sun.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Toronto Ticket Brokers Saves People Money

Yes this is self serving - but I just received an email from a customer and thought I would share it with everyone.

Dear Ticket Brokers,

Thank you for giving me access to so many online ticket brokers. I called some local services out of the Yellow Pages - I thought the prices they quoted for the upcoming Cold Play concert was a bit much. After finding your site I was able to find great selection on through your site. I would have not known of StubHub if not for your site.

Thank you -

Name Removed

Friday, July 4, 2008

Stars begin taking back control of the events

Madonna recently worked out a deal that makes her the sole source of all the tickets to her venues. She entered into an agreement with Stubhub - that she will sell the tickets through Stubhub at an increased price. This has angered many fans, who feel that it is a right of passage - if you camp out - great tickets should be a given. Not any more. All the best tickets are sold online for greatly increased rates. Recent preselling for Madonna tickets has seen tickets sell for as much as $7500.00.

Is this fair market? Or is it gauging? In my opinion it's fair market - if this were a fixed good, something that people truly need to live. My opinion would be different. If you don't want to pay the going rate, you have the option of staying home. Madonna is just trying to keep the middle men to a minimum. Currently there are alot sticky fingers taking their percentages before a ticket makes its way into the hands of the average consumer. As Superstars feel the pain of lower album/cd sales - habits like this will be come more common.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Is the ticket market fair for Fans?

We all love to go to a great concert! And with so few touring Bands now, it is getting harder and harder to find tickets, passes for these great shows. Ticket Brokers have automated the entire process - so it is next to impossible to get the best tickets available for your show through - you are required to go through a third party, just for the opportunity to buy tickets. And you will be paying a nice increase on the list cost of the tickets.

Ticket Brokers are now just like any other industry - they buy it at one price and sell it for a nice profit. Sometimes they get caught with the tickets. But for the most part they are doing very well see positive margins, or there wouldn't be so many people trying to do it. This practice up until recently was pretty illegal, not anymore! MLB has embraced the entire process, as has TicketMaster who purchased the site just to provide ticket purchasers another way to get their tickets. This raises the question, is a system that is setup that handicaps the consumer and helps the ticket broker, a fair means of giving consumers(everyday fans) a way to get tickets??

I think there is a bit of muddy water - when the original source is also involved in the after market. Ultimately, it is an oligopoly - close to a Monopoly.