Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Is the ticket market fair for Fans?

We all love to go to a great concert! And with so few touring Bands now, it is getting harder and harder to find tickets, passes for these great shows. Ticket Brokers have automated the entire process - so it is next to impossible to get the best tickets available for your show through - you are required to go through a third party, just for the opportunity to buy tickets. And you will be paying a nice increase on the list cost of the tickets.

Ticket Brokers are now just like any other industry - they buy it at one price and sell it for a nice profit. Sometimes they get caught with the tickets. But for the most part they are doing very well see positive margins, or there wouldn't be so many people trying to do it. This practice up until recently was pretty illegal, not anymore! MLB has embraced the entire process, as has TicketMaster who purchased the site just to provide ticket purchasers another way to get their tickets. This raises the question, is a system that is setup that handicaps the consumer and helps the ticket broker, a fair means of giving consumers(everyday fans) a way to get tickets??

I think there is a bit of muddy water - when the original source is also involved in the after market. Ultimately, it is an oligopoly - close to a Monopoly.

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