Friday, July 4, 2008

Stars begin taking back control of the events

Madonna recently worked out a deal that makes her the sole source of all the tickets to her venues. She entered into an agreement with Stubhub - that she will sell the tickets through Stubhub at an increased price. This has angered many fans, who feel that it is a right of passage - if you camp out - great tickets should be a given. Not any more. All the best tickets are sold online for greatly increased rates. Recent preselling for Madonna tickets has seen tickets sell for as much as $7500.00.

Is this fair market? Or is it gauging? In my opinion it's fair market - if this were a fixed good, something that people truly need to live. My opinion would be different. If you don't want to pay the going rate, you have the option of staying home. Madonna is just trying to keep the middle men to a minimum. Currently there are alot sticky fingers taking their percentages before a ticket makes its way into the hands of the average consumer. As Superstars feel the pain of lower album/cd sales - habits like this will be come more common.

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