Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Pick your seat for Broadway Shows

The only way to ensure that you get to pick your seat is by calling direct. Purchasing realtime tickets is available for most broadway shows - online stores usually require that you call in to secure your seat and pay for the tickets over the phone. Purchase Tix - has great selection of online seating - they also have the ability to purchase online direct. There are are a variety of different selects for each budget range.

Jersey Boys Tickets for New York range from 112 to 420 in the orchestra.

Monday, December 3, 2007

Online Ticket Protection - Bidder, Buyer Tips against Fraud

1. Never buy from a seller that has not established some form of a track record. These can be people who here one minute and gone the next – have a look at how they have responded to the questions in the feedback area. If they provide a detailed response and make an effort to resolve the problem, than you’re probably going to be ok. Many sellers are acting as intermediaries – so there are no guarantees.
2. Read the description and fine print before you print on the items. Sellers will often make flawed statements in order to get your attention and then rectify this claim later in the article or listing. This is done to protect them later on.
3. If the item is something you really won’t and can’t get for decent price locally – don’t be afraid to pay a fair price. If it’s too cheap – there is probably a reason.
4. Never provide any kind of banking information or credit card information over the web or through email – this is a sure fire way to ask for trouble.
5. Never buy items directly from people – if there is a problem, you won’t have any recourse or way to file a complaint. There is always another buyer.
6. Lastly, always stick to your guns and use your best judgment to ensure you aren’t being defrauded.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Leafs/Penguins - Saturday December 1st, 2007

Having searched for tickets all week - I was fortunate enough to find a pair of Purples for Leafs Penguins game. Crosby was pretty dominant - great to see him play. I really have to say that I could've saved a fortune if I had bought the tickets a couple weeks earlier. Here is the number for Teamonetickets.com - 1-800-800-9494 - Pretty good resource. Have an idea of what you want to pay before you give them a call.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Dealing with a scalper - tips

This is something that many of us don't really relish or want to do. Here are a few tips for getting the best possible price.

1. Don't sound desperate - always know that he has competition.

2. Talk to more than one scalper.

3. If you can - wait until the game or event has already started. You will be shocked at how the prices drop.

4. Talk to the box office - they sometimes have tickets come available even when they have said the event is sold out. I actually bought a Super Bowl ticket from the wicket - the day of. Mind you it was a single.

5. Walk away - at least once, walk away.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Last Minute Toronto Maple Leaf Tickets

Having had experience trying to land some tickets to a Leaf game at the last minute. You don't have time order online in most cases. If you can find a seller on Ebay who lives close enough to pick up the tickets. This is truly your only online option for buying tickets. It is always best to plan ahead and buying your tickets atleast a few weeks before you need them. Or you run the risk of paying a fortune for the tickets.

The Best Tickets in Town!

With Sweeney Todd playing at the Princess of Wales - Now is the time to get tickets for this terrific Mirvish Production. Tickets can be had a Ticketmaster and other options. With the dollar so strong - shop around and you may be able to find a real deal. Tickets should cost you from $94 Canadian to $101 Canadian.