Monday, December 3, 2007

Online Ticket Protection - Bidder, Buyer Tips against Fraud

1. Never buy from a seller that has not established some form of a track record. These can be people who here one minute and gone the next – have a look at how they have responded to the questions in the feedback area. If they provide a detailed response and make an effort to resolve the problem, than you’re probably going to be ok. Many sellers are acting as intermediaries – so there are no guarantees.
2. Read the description and fine print before you print on the items. Sellers will often make flawed statements in order to get your attention and then rectify this claim later in the article or listing. This is done to protect them later on.
3. If the item is something you really won’t and can’t get for decent price locally – don’t be afraid to pay a fair price. If it’s too cheap – there is probably a reason.
4. Never provide any kind of banking information or credit card information over the web or through email – this is a sure fire way to ask for trouble.
5. Never buy items directly from people – if there is a problem, you won’t have any recourse or way to file a complaint. There is always another buyer.
6. Lastly, always stick to your guns and use your best judgment to ensure you aren’t being defrauded.

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