Sunday, December 7, 2008

Brittany Spears Coming to Canada

With Brittany Spears announcing her up coming Canadian Dates. This will be a great show. Tickets are going to be expensive - like her or not - she is a great entertainer and puts on an amazing light and sound display. The cities she picked include Montreal, Toronto, Edmonton and Vancouver. The Toronto Show is set for March 18th - with Montreal hitting the stage on March 20th. The fact that she isn't doing that many shows in the US - must mean that she is testing the water about her return to touring. Having an undersold show can do a great deal of damage to someones career.

Her US stops include Atlanta, Boston, Dallas, Miami, Houston, Minneapolis, Los Angeles, Las Vegas and concluding in Chicago.

These destinations must be hotspots from a Fan Club perspective. Ensuring that her show is sold out. It is also surprizing that other major markets like New York, St Louis, Philadelphia weren't included.

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