Friday, December 26, 2008

The Root to getting great tickets

The Ticket-Masters of the world have decided that it will be their practice to only release a percentage of the total tickets that are available for a show. The reasoning being that there is much more many to be made on tickets in the secondary market. Tickets as a result are being treated more like a commodity by TicketMaster and less like a means to provide fans with access to see their favourite groups. By holding back tickets - they are instantly creating a hyper eager market for the tickets. Even those who are online at the initial offering, usually don't receive on opportunity to buy tickets. We must ask, is this better for the consumer or just price gauging?? Does this give more people access to see the shows they want??

It may just represent a hit to the secondary market and ultimately takes the profit that ticket brokers would normally derive and puts it in the pockets of Tickets Now type sites. Which is owned by TicketMaster. Ultimately they are only creating a business model that is best for their bottomline. It is hard to blame a corporation for increasing their profit. As more acts strike up their own delivery deals, ie Madonna. And less work with dedicated ticket delivery engines like TicketMaster. They will be forced to relinquish more of the pie.

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